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New Voice International AG

は、緊急コミュニケーション、セキュリティコミュニケーション、ビジネスプロセスコミュニケーション、 IT オートメーションの各分野における、世界的なオペレーティングシステムインテグレータ兼ソリューションプロバイダーです。弊社の目的は、サービスレベルやセキュリティを向上させると同時に、コミュニケーションを経費節約の要因とすることにあります。

  • Mobilization

    Alerting &
    emergency calls

  • Evacuation

    Mobilisation &

  • Protection

    Localisation & 
    personal protection

  • Conferencing

    Conferencing &

  • Voice Recording

    Voice recording

  • Task Management - Contact Center

    Task management &
    Contact Center

Easy Configuration - Real Time View - Simulation -
Drag & Drop Configurator and More !

«MobiCall Reinvented» - Since 1991

Marketing is not our strength - It never was and never will be.

New Voice focuses on Development, Project Management
and Support - since 1991.
We do what you and your customers need.

Often there is documentation and much later a product.
With us there is a product and perhaps once in a while
an advertising documentation.

Therefore: Please tell us what you're looking for.
We certainly have it !
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マルチメディアの警報・通知機能、医療アラーム、ナースコール、動員、非常、ダイヤルインおよびマスターカンファレンシング、音声録音、非常避難サービス 召集および至急応答通信 、ビデオ監視、人身保護、スキルベースサービスルーティング、 ルーティング、小規模コールセンタールーティングサービスなどの主要参考資料で認可されています。 

Latest News

GITEX 2014
12-16 October 2014
Dubai World Trade Centre

New Voice will be present at the

For more informationen, pls. visit


GPEC Exhibition 2014
Leipzig 09. 09. - 09. 11.

New Voice will participate at the
GPEC-Exhibition in Leipzig.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at 
booth E46, Hall 1.

For more information, pls. visit


Security Concepts by
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 
and NewVoice

Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz

15. Juli 2014 (2pm-4pm)
in Stuttgart (Germany)

Showroom-Events with many LIVE-DEMOS regarding Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Offfice RCE and solutions by NewVoice

read more ...


Hospitality Gateway

Mobicall Hospitality Gateway (for FIAS-Micros Fidelio PMS) Alcatel-Lucent Platform: OmniPCX Office, Draft

Logo Alcatel-Lucent Application Club

Read more ...


Security Essen 2014

23. 09 - 26. 09 2014

You can find us at the boot 
7 - 307
We look forward to welcoming you at the trade show «security essen 2014».
For more information, pls. visit


New Voice is an
«Advanced Technology Partner» of Unify


Certification by 
innovaphone PBX solution

Based on the evaluation concluded April 16th, 2014, New Voice is recommended
for use with innovaphone PBX solutions.



CeBIT 2014

New Voice would like to thank you for visiting us at the CeBit 2014


MobiCall at the 
ALU Executive Partner Days

Global Executive
Partner Days
Paname City, Panama

Americas Executive
Partner Days
Miami, USA 20.-22.02.2013

APAC Executive
Partner Days
Da Nang, Vietnam 06.-09.02.2013


New Voice International AG,
a Strategic Partner of
NEC Unified Solution,
will be present at

Logo Nec

CAPE TOWN (23. - 25. APRIL)


Co-Development &
Certification of
DECT 400 and 500

with Alcatel-Lucent
Together with Alcatel-Lucent, New Voice has performed a co-development. As a result, we dispose now of the DECT 400 and 500, which allow a very accurate geolocation. Furthermore, its perfect integration with MobiCall is guaranteed with a specific certification of Alcatel-Lucent.



New Voice is an Application Partner of Alcatel-Lucent
Our Solution MobiCall is an essential part of Alcatel-Lucent's ecosystem.

Logo Alcatel-Lucent Application Club

Read more ...


Partnership agreement with

Unified Solution

NEC Unified Solution chooses New Voice with its „Unified Event Communication“ system MobiCall as strategic partner in the area of alarm and mobilisation solutions. The Swiss enterprise New Voice...


New Voice Partner